Unable to delete views

Unable to delete views

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Unable to delete views


I am currently trying to delete/disable one of my views and i keep getting the following error message:

Notice: Undefined property: view::$export_type in ctools_export_ui->access() (line 128 of /Users/Vast/Sites/acquia-drupal/profiles/acquia/modules/ctools/plugins/export_ui/ctools_export_ui.class.php).

I am logged in with the admin account and i still can't delete the view.
Any advice/guidance on how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.



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George Cassie
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Hi Mike,

Sometimes this can be the result of a bad cache. Can you try clearing all the site caches under Configuration > Performance? If that doesn't help, can you find the row in the drupal_ctools_object_cache database table which corresponds to this view and delete it manually (always backup the database before making any manual changes)?

Did you recently upgrade either Views or ctools? Which version of each are you running now?

George Cassie
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Greg Knaddison
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There's also an issue in the Views queue that seems like it could be related http://drupal.org/node/1123198

Are you using Views 7.x-3.x? If so, upgrading to a more recent version like 7.x-3.3 might help. As always, trying this on a dev site with a recent database backup is advised in case the upgrade goes poorly.