Removal of Acquia Cloud Free applications in January 2017

Removal of Acquia Cloud Free applications in January 2017

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Removal of Acquia Cloud Free applications in January 2017

On Monday, 9 January 2017, Acquia announced maintenance activities to improve performance for customers using Acquia Cloud Free applications. Acquia Cloud Free applications offer development tools and non-production environments intended to allow users new to Acquia's offerings to demo Acquia's products prior to upgrading to a full subscription that includes a production environment and full application hosting.

As part of that effort, some Acquia Cloud Free applications that had not been under active development in the thirty days prior to 16 January 2017 were slated to be removed. Additionally, user accounts that were associated exclusively with inactive Acquia Cloud Free applications were also scheduled to be removed in an effort to reduce the number of unsolicited notifications these inactive users receive.

Customers who made at least one commit to their Acquia Cloud Free applications after the date of site creation were directed in the email announcement to make a code commit prior to 13 January 2017 to indicate the site was active. Instructions for backing up the code, database, and files were provided in the article, "Backing up your application."

A second reminder was sent on 12 January 2017. Customers were also notified by a notice posted in the Acquia Cloud interface. This notice was dismissible by customers within the interface.

On 16 January 2017, Acquia Cloud Free applications without code commits within the prior 30 days were removed from the Acquia Cloud platform. Adding content, or promoting a database from staging to production, are different from a code commit, and these actions did not exclude the application from removal. Since then, a large number of inactive Acquia Cloud Free applications have been removed.

Acquia Cloud Free sites that were removed are permanently deleted and not restorable. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We invite prospective customers who were enjoying Acquia Cloud Free to review our Acquia Cloud Professional offering, which would allow you to recreate your application at a supported subscription level that includes a full complement of development, staging, and production environments as well as access to Acquia's Support offerings.