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I have been attempting to use the WURFL module, however it writes cache files into it's library directory. sites/all/library/wurfl
however this location is not writable on the dev cloud servers, is this a known issue and is there a known or preferred way of dealing with this limitation?

I know there are northcode WURFL webcasts here on the Acquia site so someone must have run into this issue.

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I'm not familiar with that module. However, if it is writing to sites/all/library/wurfl, that's a serious bug in the module that hsould be fixed.

Until it is fixed, you can commit a symlink in your repo, from sites/all/library/wurfl to ../../default/files/wurfl, since the sites/default/files directory is on /mnt/gfs which is writable by PHP. Using a relative path to sites/default/files will ensure that the link works in dev, test, and prod environments.