Debugging Internal Server Errors

Debugging Internal Server Errors

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Debugging Internal Server Errors


We're using the Features module to deploy changes to our site, The problem now is that when I go to


I get the "Temporarily Unavailable" error page, looking through the logs I found that the request returned a 500 error but there are no PHP errors, no apache errors, nothing to indicate what caused the 500 http response.

So, how do I go about debugging this? the problem doesn't occur with my local Drupal installation, it only happens on acquia cloud.

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Does this happen on dev, stg and production servers, or just one of them? Enable Drupal watchdog as an option on the Logs page, maybe there is something in there (usually its a PHP error, but seeing as you're not seeing one, try everything). Actually, just enable all logging options to see if anything pops up when you reload that page. Also make sure you're looking at logs from the right environment - that's caught me a few times. One other thing I would look at is your PHP memory setting on Acquia vs your local (on the status report page).