SSH connection timeout

SSH connection timeout

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SSH connection timeout

I can no longer use scp or ssh.
I always get next message ; "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out. lost connection"
So I created a new SSH key using ssh-keygen -b 4096, removed the existing SSH key in my credentials and created a new one.
But this did not solved the problem.
What else can I do to reconnect?

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I'm having the same issue as mentioned above. Since last couple of weeks, I get the following message while connecting to devcloud:

"Network error: Couldn't connect to server. Host:"

Can someone advise on this urgently?


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For the moment, instead of having a timeout, I get a "Permission denied (publickey)".
Even after removing old SSH keys and creating new ones.
I believe all this is a result of changes done by Acquia on their infrastructure.
See also issues like these :
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The "timeout" and later ""Permission denied (publickey)" messages ware due to the fact that Acquia moved the data to another location.
My original data were on
and now on
You find your new URL on and see "Servers"

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