Iphone apps

Iphone apps

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Iphone apps

Any Iphone apps on the horizon?

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iPhone apps can be a great source of income for a business or site owner. It's just another way to get more exposure for your product.

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Does anyone know how to get an iPhone App into iTunes Store? What's the process and requirements.

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I know this is basically dead but no one answered the last question.

At the bottom of the Istore App site there is a link for to get the SDK for developing apps. The cost is $99/year.

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If you weren't particularly savy and wanted to get one done does anyone know of any contractors or sites that do this type of work? Thanks so much

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If you purchased items from the iTunes Store and you've stored them on only your iOS device or iPod, you can transfer them to any computer that is authorized with your Apple ID.It is vey simple process.

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It is right but you need to answers of asking questions ....Still you do not telling anything about Apps...?

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It is much harder to get new app listed in App store due to new pilicies.