Starting Today, New Tickets Submission Only via Website, Phone

Starting Today, New Tickets Submission Only via Website, Phone

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Aaron "Checo" Pacheco
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Starting Today, New Tickets Submission Only via Website, Phone

Starting today, Acquia Support will not longer be accepting new ticket submissions via e-mail.

Many of you may be wondering why we are taking this step, so to answer your questions, we have published a new blog post on the subject here:

In summary, while ticket submission via e-mail has always been a valuable convenience for customers who need to quickly report an issue, this form of ticket submission has also been a pain point for many of the customers who have been using it. Why? Because when a ticket is submitted via our website, our system assigns certain logic to the ticket based on who submitted it, their subscription level, the urgency, etc. When an e-mail is submitted, the default urgency is "Medium," and it drops to the bottom of our queues because, in many instances, we do not know which of a customer's subscriptions the ticket applies to (for example, their Acquia Cloud Free account, their Professional subscription on Acquia Cloud, or their Elite subscription on Acquia Cloud Enterprise).

Once a member of our team grabs a ticket submitted via e-mail, we often need to request additional information from the customer regarding which subscription it pertains to, and this further delays resolution.

Starting today, all tickets must be submitted via the Acquia Network site or via phone (for customers with phone support included in their subscriptions) so that we can maximize our ability to promptly respond to all issues according to their proper urgency and subscription levels.

We hope that this will help us continue to provide world-class support to our customers, and we sincerely appreciate everyone's understanding as we begin to implement this new standard.


Aaron Pacheco
Product Supportability Manager, Acquia Client Advisory Team