Service Alert - Acquia Search Interruption

Service Alert - Acquia Search Interruption

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Service Alert - Acquia Search Interruption

Dear Acquia Search Customers,

Earlier today, we experienced a temporary service interruption which impacted sites using Acquia Search. As a result of this interruption, attempts to search were either signficantly slower than usual, or connection timeout errors would appear.

At approximately 5:30 PM EDT this evening, additional hardware was added to our search servers which resolved performance issues for most customers, but a limited number of customers are still experiencing connection timeout errors at this time.

In order to resolve these errors, please attempt the following steps (noting that different versions of these modules will have slightly different interfaces):

1) Visit the Acquia Network settings or configure page and click the “Save Keys” button.

2) Visit the Apache Solr module’s page and click the 'settings' tab. After completing the Step 1 above, the settings in Acquia Search should be correct and ready to be re-saved. If they are not correct, and still show “localhost” in the “Solr host name” field as shown below, then please contact Acquia Support for assistance.

3) Ensure that the Acquia Search environment is set as default, and if it is not, click the "Edit" link and make it the default.

4) Click the "Default Index" tab. You should now see that you are connected.

If these steps fail to reconnect your site, please contact us at or submit a ticket via your Support Portal.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this interruption has caused.

-The Acquia Client Advisory Team