Notification of Acquia Network Issue

Notification of Acquia Network Issue

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Notification of Acquia Network Issue

Acquia discovered a security issue which affected the Acquia Network between March
29th and March 30th. This was resolved by Acquia on Monday, April 2nd.

We’ve worked quickly to alleviate the issue and ensure the Network is fully functional
and secure so customers and partners can continue utilizing the service with no
interruption. While there is no evidence that any malicious activity took place, Acquia
has taken extra precautions to secure the platform and protect our customers’
information. Additionally, we will be arranging additional external security audits above
and beyond our normal schedule to further test and validate that Acquia’s security
measures are the strongest in the industry.

Our customers and partners are of the utmost importance to us, and it’s a priority for
the company to make sure they receive the very best service. Acquia greatly values the
relationship we have with all of our customers and partners.

For further information or if you suspect any suspicious activity please contact our 24x7
Acquia Customer Support Team immediately at +1.781.238.8600 (press 2 for Support).