Acquia Partners BoF at DrupalCon DC 2009

Acquia Partners BoF at DrupalCon DC 2009

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Acquia Partners BoF at DrupalCon DC 2009

I just wanted to point any partners that are attending DrupalCon DC 2009 to a "Acquia Partner BoF" session that I proposed on the DrupalCon site.

Here's a link:

Here's my description:

This will be the first DrupalCon since Acquia launched it's partner program, and I'd like to hold an informal BoF where current Acquia partners can discuss their experiences from the first six months of the program. Some of the items I'd like to discuss include:

  • Expectations of the program and whether it's lived up, exceeded, or fallen short of them
  • The effect of the program on the bottom line of partner firms
  • The effect of the program on development processes
  • The Acquia Network as a component of support offerings
  • Selling Acquia vs. selling only Drupal

If you have any general areas you'd like to discuss, please leave them as comments here.

Prospective Acquia partners are also encouraged to join the session to hear about the program from the partner perspective and to ask questions about the program in an informal setting.

Please note, this is not an "official" Acquia session.

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