Acquia Network Ticketing Upgrade Scheduled For November 5th at 1PM EDT

Acquia Network Ticketing Upgrade Scheduled For November 5th at 1PM EDT

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Acquia Network Ticketing Upgrade Scheduled For November 5th at 1PM EDT

Today at 1:00PM EDT we will be upgrading the ticket system on the Acquia Network. The upgraded system will provide customers with a few new features along with allowing our Client Advisory Team to more effectively service customer requests.

What's the plan?
The existing system is being replaced with a commercial system called Parature. The ticket section on the Acquia Network could slightly change in appearance, but will remain simple to use, and maintain the same integration.

Starting at 1:00PM EDT today we will need to take the existing ticket system off-line and for a few hours will only be able to accept support requests by email ( or by calling 1.888.922.7842. We will announce the beginning and end of the transition period via email. During this transition we ask customers to indicate Critical level requests by putting "CRITICAL:" in the subject line of the email request.

Enhancements include:

Customer control over ticket status (most requested feature of the ticket system!)
One of the most frequently requested features from customers is to be able to change the status of a ticket. For example, if we've asked for additional information on a ticket, and the status is set to "Needs more info", customers will now have the ability to put the ball back in our court by providing the information and then changing the status to "Needs Reply". If desired, customers will now be able to close and re-open tickets in cases where an issue has been resolved or needs to be revisited.

Email to ticket conversion
Tickets sent to support will automatically be converted to tickets. Subsequent emails referencing the ticket number will be threaded in the same ticket. This will ensure email requests are time-stamped and handled as consistently as possible.

Clear link to the Knowledge Base
Our ever-increasing collection of knowledge base articles may be the best kept secret we want all our customers to know about. Acquia's Client Advisors, Professional Services consultants, and Engineering staff all regularly contribute concise articles describing solutions to issues encountered by customers. The Knowledge Base is a growing resource we want to share as a self service feature so our customers may search and find solutions on their own.

Acquia Client Advisory Team