Acquia Customer Service Notice - Acquia Network Maintenance Planned, 3/3/2011

Acquia Customer Service Notice - Acquia Network Maintenance Planned, 3/3/2011

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Acquia Customer Service Notice - Acquia Network Maintenance Planned, 3/3/2011

Dear Customers,

On Thursday morning, Acquia will debut several new features, including a redesigned and reorganized Acquia Network, new utilities, and powerful new services to complement your site development and hosting needs; systems administrators and site developers, take note! No downtime is expected.

When: Thursday, March 3rd between 7:00am and 7:30am ET

Expected Downtime: None


Acquia Network adopts new dashboard

A re-organized Acquia Network dashboard will display useful information about your site's usage, including graphs of users, nodes, and Mollom spam statistics. To gain access to this information be sure to install the Acquia Connector if you haven't already done so.


Optimize, go mobile, and test perception

As part of a new "Services" area within the Acquia Network, you will now have access to three new partner offerings as part of your Acquia Network subscription at no additional cost (a $3,500 annual value!).

  • New Relic RPM, a leading SaaS-based application performance management tool, lets IT teams monitor live Drupal (and other PHP) apps, troubleshoot issues, and tune for optimal performance. New Relic RPM "Bronze" is now available at no additional charge for all subscribers.
  • Mobify makes it easy to mobile-enable your website. Mobify offers a simple set of GUI tools to adapt the design of your site and deploy it once for use on over 5000 mobile devices running 19 mobile browsers on 7 different operating systems. All subscribers now have free access to the Mobify Studio, expert design tools, support for mobile JavaScript, and support for third-party analytics.
  • Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a tool for designing, deploying, and tracking A/B and multi-variate tests. Use simple visual tools to create tests, set goals, modify your site, track the impact, and easily select a winner to maximize conversions! Visual Website Optimizer’s “Small Business” plan is available free of charge to all Acquia Network Professional and Enterprise subscribers.

These broad range of services augment the existing tools available in your subscription:
Acquia Search and Mollom spam blocking.


Knowledge is power

This release includes a redesigned Acquia Library; a growing collection of how-to’s, tips and tricks, and general knowledge for Drupal developers and site owners. The Acquia Library includes a knowledge base of over 500 published articles, and grows by almost 50 new articles each month. In addition, the Acquia Library provides quick access to the full collection of Acquia’s webinars, podcasts, videos, white papers, and select third-party content sources. Have a question or problem? In most cases you can turn to the Acquia Library for a quick answer.


Acquia Hosting to be renamed Managed Cloud

We've outgrown our hosting pants and decided a new name was in order to embrace the broader offering and direction of Acquia's service. Managed Cloud will provide the same level of service, it's just rebranded to reflect its status as the premier managed Drupal cloud hosting service. View Acquia's related news release.

Code management and database backups with ease

In February, we announced major improvements to our Workflow management UI where hosting customers can manage content from "Development" to "Staging" to "Production." The Workflow tab will allow you to backup databases with a single click during the publishing process.


Finding the tools and tasks you need

We will be simplifying two areas of our Managed Cloud service: the revamped hosting user interface will be organized by task and a streamlined Overview page will enable you to find tools more efficiently.


Feel the Drush

For Managed Cloud customers who use Drush, you will be able to download site aliases to make web server interactions even easier. Retire long Drush commands and use short aliases instead. You won't look back.

We are extremely excited to roll out these updates before DrupalCon Chicago and look forward to seeing some of you there. Please open a ticket with an Acquia Client Advisor if you have questions or feedback.

Thank you,
Acquia Client Advisory Team