Acquia Customer Service Alert: "Site Offline" messages

Acquia Customer Service Alert: "Site Offline" messages

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Acquia Customer Service Alert: "Site Offline" messages

This is an Acquia Service Alert for current Acquia Drupal beta participants.


The Acquia Network cron service was temporarily suspended from Sunday until midday Thursday, while we investigated some issues related to our cron and heartbeat services. During that time the Health Monitor may have sent you erroneous reports that your site was offline. In addition, certain pages on your Acquia Drupal site would generate an isolated heartbeat when viewed by a site administrator, in which case a "site back online" message would be reported for your subscription (followed by a new "site offline" message later on).

Our investigation has now been completed, and we have restarted Acquia's cron service.


If you continue to see occasional, erroneous "site offline" messages, then there may be a separate issue to investigate. In this case, the symptom typically shows the offline period to be 1 hr 15 min or less before the site is labeled "online" again. We have had several reports of this type and are looking to investigate with additional information and assistance from beta testers. We would be grateful for the following should you encounter this condition:

1. Look at the "Recent log entries" for your site (by visiting the path "admin/reports/dblog" on your Acquia Drupal installation).
2. Filter the log entries to show cron messages only.
3. Look for entries around the time at which the Acquia Network reported your site as offline.
4. Send us a screenshot or let us know what you see. (Our suspicion is that you will see messages indicating that Acquia Drupal is unable to complete a new cron run, which temporarily prevents us from receiving a heartbeat from your site. This is hard for us to debug by ourselves, since it only occurs sporadically for some sites.)


You may optionally run cron on your local server if you are familiar with cron configuration. Doing so with a long cron interval (2 hours or longer) will likely remove most, if not all, of the erroneous "site offline" notifications. To configure your site's health monitor to operate with cron run locally:
1. Set up cron on your own server at an interval of your choosing, as described at (see also the Getting Started guide at
2. Within the Acquia Network, go to the Settings tab (
3. Choose your subscription, and then click on Cron.
4. Choose "No" for the first question, and then select the interval that you set your server's cron to run (so the Network knows how often to expect heartbeats from your site).
5. Click "Save". Everything should work OK after that. Please let us know if it does not.

Thank you for your help and patience during our beta testing period.

Your Acquia Support Team

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