Acquia Customer Service Alert - AWS Outage Update

Acquia Customer Service Alert - AWS Outage Update

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Acquia Customer Service Alert - AWS Outage Update

At approximately 10:35p ET the Amazon US-EAST-1 data center had a data connection problem which impacted multiple Acquia customers. Acquia Managed Cloud customer sites became unavailable., the Acquia Network and related services such as the ticketing system, Acquia Cloud interface, and knowledge base also became unavailable.

At approximately 10:50p ET Amazon reported connectivity was being restored and sites began to come back online.

At approximately 10:59p ET full connectivity was restored and all Acquia customer sites appeared to return to normal operations.

The full history may be viewed at Amazon's status board at

Recommended Customer Actions:

No customer actions are required.

Next Update:

This is the first and final notice for this event.

For Further Assistance:
If you need technical assistance, please contact the Client Advisory Team via Acquia's online ticket system (, or via Assistance by phone is available at 888-922-7842 or +1- 978-631-0892 during normal support hours.