Migrating older site into acquia drupal

Migrating older site into acquia drupal

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Migrating older site into acquia drupal

I just installed Acquia Dev Desktop but already have a sort-of-functioning Drupal site online. I have two problems with the old site that have been very difficult to find documentation and support. One of the problems is that I want to administer multiple sites with one installation, which is one of the main reasons I want Drupal. I cannot get Domain Access to set up my subdomains correctly.

In short, I need Drupal training and coaching.

I decided to create another installation using Acquia services, get it fully functional, and then import the old site with only one domain into the functional new site. The other problem is the MySQL syntax for taxonomy and the Default Entity Controller. I have instructions to put the syntax in the includes/entity.inc file, but am hesitant because I still have questions that are not answered. The old site uses MySQL 5.0.95. Acquia uses 5.1.xx version.

I would most prefer to use MySQL 5.5.xx, the most recent release.

I had a steep learning curve but got a Drupal installation online, despite problems with the taxonomy because of the MySQL syntax and Domain Access.

Does this plan sound feasible? Can I successfully import the old site into the Acquia installation?


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It sounds like you've got two sets of questions here that we'd like to know more about in order to help you:

1) When you say that Domain Access isn't setting up your subdomains correctly, can you provide us with an example of what's not working correctly?

2) Could you explain in more detail what MySQL syntax you're concerned about? It sounds like a code example would be useful in this case to help us determine if the MySQL version change would affect you.

Amy Qualls
Training and Documentation Coordinator, Acquia

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can i convert my hopeeg site from wordpress to drupal help me please - necessity ??