Migrate from Joomla and PHPBB to Drupal 6

Migrate from Joomla and PHPBB to Drupal 6

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Migrate from Joomla and PHPBB to Drupal 6

I have a rather large conversion from Joomla to Drupal. After a year working with Joomla I have decided that the ability for users to add content was not adequate. I am also proud to become a member of the Acquia sales team and figured I would see what I am able to do with our support. Two common questions have been posed to me many times: "can I do this migration or upgrade myself?" and "Is it ok to ask a Newbie question here without a lecture."

To help answer these common prospect questions I thought I would go out on a limb and commit and share my project with those in my shoes. I am a Newbie myself and I am about to take on a task that to me at this point is completely out of my current ability. So far I have created a simple blog by following "Using Drupal," by O'Reilly. But I felt this would be helpful for others in my position to see my progress/success as I try to accomplish this daunting task.

The web site is Currently in Joomla 1.5.2
A site for New England kiteboarding community

The goal of the site is to provide the best social platform and allow users to share experiences. We started with a forum but dreamed of social publishing and fell short as I have given up manually adding all these articles.

I am switching to Drupal because I cannot meet the demand of manually inputting our session reports, profiles, beach docs, educational articles and events. I will set up content types for the users to input these articles themselves.

After this migration to Drupal I will need to migrate my user credentials and forum from PHPBB to Drupal as well. So this should be quite the project. I am skipping the PHPBB for now as that is live and needs to switch over without much loss.

The following is my first attempt to ask for help via IM:

1:10:18 PM Robert Douglass: So, you're a guy with a problem. A joomla! problem. Let's see what can be done.You might try this:
http://drupal.org/project/joomla If you can migrate to Drupal 5.x then the upgrade to Drupal 6 is easy. So the path would be Joomla!->D5.7->D6 How are your PHP coding chops? How are your Perl chops? http://blog.simon-cozens.org/post/view/1350 And then this looks interesting: http://drupal.org/node/249643#comment-829971 (which I found here http://www.drmartinwilliams.com/websites/from-joomla-to-drupal.html)I think the most auspicious path is the first one.

1:17:51 PM John DeSalvo: I am good at backend and the creative stuff no "no chops". I think your mentioning of 5.7-6 is already a big OMG. But I have been faced with this feeling of "no way" before.

1:17:54 PM Robert Douglass: Please give that a try, ping with questions when you get stuck.

1:18:13 PM John DeSalvo: Let me absorb what you just proposed to me before blindly asking more

1:18:32 PM Robert Douglass: ok. At least do this:
1) set up a version of Drupal 5
2) install the joomla module (http://drupal.org/project/joomla)
3) see if the instructions make sense.
But the first order of business is seeing how to get Joomla to Drupal at all.

1:20:43 PM John DeSalvo: Ok well I cant imagine copying and pasting all the articles so I will review these suggestions and pages. Create drupal 5 with a new data base right.

1:20:55 PM Robert Douglass: yup. And feel free to ping if you get stuck. Installation process for D5 is a bit different than for D6 so pay attention to INSTALL.txt

1:21:50 PM John DeSalvo: I will begin tonight But cant imagine being alone on this

1:23:32 PM Robert Douglass: yes. Record the salient bits of our conversation here. Update with your progress and questions. Or, better yet... maybe a forum post on acquia.com. I'm sure some of our customers would like to migrate Joomla sites, too. And whatever help you get from me, Josh, Brenda etc. will then be on record for people.

1:45:10 PM John DeSalvo: Can I chronicle my entire project in one thread? Migration? As a case study from day one one.

1:48:37 PM Robert Douglass: One thread. The comments can be updates and status reports. Make sure and bug the hell out of me, Josh and Brenda. And when we're done and successful, you can write a kickass blog post for Acquia.com S-Files. Be prepared that this will be a lot of work. Keep very detailed notes because you will have to do the whole process three times.
#1 to discover how
#2 to actually do the migration and confirm it works
#3 to write about it

Well I guess this is not the scope of a "first" Drupal project. I am stubborn though and have visions of kiteboarding social publishing grandeur. But again many of you calling in on the sales que are so curious to find out and ask if "you" can do this. So here is my struggle which I am sharing, this is my best way of helping you make that decision. I will try it myself!

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Last night I tried http://drupal.org/node/249643#comment-829971
As it seems to be for Joomla to Drupal 6

First I backed up my SQL and also my Drupal files(prob not necessary but did anyway).
The module implemented fine and gave options to ingest as page or story for static or non which I did not understand. It only brought in 100 articles of my 300+. Most of them were original Joomla demo files. Either way from what was mine the formatting was not right or absent. Maybe I am not using it right.

The new site is found at www.kitesurfer.us which is a temp home. To see the mess it made LOL. How can I have it ingest all the articles vs 100? Is the result of the files I see there being not formatted mean that the mod is not worth continuing with? Or am I just not giving it a chance?

I also did download a copy of Drupal 5.7 for http://drupal.org/project/joomla. I hope that this module will work better even though I have the Drupal 6 upgrade to do with it. I got stuck when I needed to redirect www.kitesurfer.us to this new drupal 5.7 I created. I am using Go-Daddy so MASSkiting.com is the primary account. I created a folder for the Drupal 6 instance to be kitesurfer.com. Now that I put another folder in there for Drupal 5.7 I need to redirect the kitesurfer.us to it. That I am confused about. So I realize their are name servers so this is what stopped me.

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Ok so I was able to figure out that I needed to create a sub domain in godaddy to get the new Drupal installation to work inside the MASSkiting website. I was going to try http://drupal.org/project/joomla. I have set up the D5.7 but it says Joomla 1.0 and I have 1.5.

Then I found http://drupal.org/node/207258 but as a non coder I do not know what to do with this code. But after thinking it over the main articles I need are session reports which I will create a Content type for. The content type I will have a date selection as it is an event for the calendar. Even if I import 100 articles then they will be stories only. Maybe I need to just copy and paste because of this.

I think at this point I need to throw in the towel... Start concentrating on my community creating new content and importing the legacy articles as I can manually.

Unless this is crazy..