Commit unsucessful

Commit unsucessful

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Commit unsucessful

My goal was to install the Drupal security patch 7.38. I'm new to this, so I am following steps found on Acquia and This is a brand new site based on Drupal Commerce Kickstart. I've made very little changes to the site itself.

I successfully made the clone of the repository. I am using TortoiseGit to add/commit changes I made locally.
I used the Add all files. I used the commit changes to Master command. I then pushed the changes back to Dev.

When I took the site out of Live Development, there was an error message that there were uncommitted changes.
Live Development wouldn't disable, so I told it to ignore uncommitted changes.

Now the site is broken, so I started again with another install of Commerce Kickstart.

Before I try to apply the security upgrade, I need to ask:

Do I truly need to apply the security patch to Drupal, if I know I'm going to reinstall on another ISP with their OneClick install process? I doubt there is a way to move this site there after I evaluate. Is there?

If I need to apply latest security patch, I need help to avoid the same issues.