Problems setting up sub-theme

Problems setting up sub-theme

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Problems setting up sub-theme

(Following on from

Using Acquia Marina as the base theme, though these issues are probably not related to the theme.

Encountered the following glitches:

1. For some reason, the base theme's regions are not inherited. This is a bit odd, given that a) most other things inherit nicely, and b) inheriting regions would surely be the expected "default" behaviour. The workaround is to copy all the region definitions from the base theme's .info file. If you don't do this when first setting up the sub-theme's .info file then all active blocks will get assigned to region "left" and you end up having to set all your blocks up again.

2. The sub-theme has a setting for "Secondary links" on the theme's configure page, whereas the base theme doesn't. Not sure yet what the significance of this is.

3. If a custom title is given for a block then it is not displayed unless you hit the configure link for the block and re-save it.

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Hi Giles,

Thanks for noting these. These are by design in the Drupal theming system. and have a little more information on this. The following snippet of an .info file for a theme based on Acquia Marina preserves the regions and eliminates the secondary links. If the secondary links option is not omitted it shouldn't cause any problems but may cause confusion when the option doesn't work in the user interface.

name = Acquia Marina Based
description = Sub-theme that inherits from Acquia Marina
base theme = acquia_marina
version = 1.0
engine = phptemplate
core = 6.x
regions[sidebar_first] = sidebar first
regions[sidebar_last] = sidebar last
regions[header_middle] = header middle
regions[header_last] = header last
regions[preface_first] = preface first
regions[preface_middle] = preface middle
regions[preface_last] = preface last
regions[content_top] = content top
regions[content_bottom] = content bottom
regions[postscript_first] = postscript first
regions[postscript_middle] = postscript middle
regions[postscript_last] = postscript last
regions[footer_top] = footer top
regions[footer] = footer
regions[node_bottom] = node bottom
features[] = logo
features[] = name
features[] = slogan
features[] = mission
features[] = node_user_picture
features[] = comment_user_picture
features[] = search
features[] = favicon
features[] = primary_links

On the third point, when blocks are renamed that renaming applies to all themes that are enabled at the time it is renamed. A theme enabled after that will not get the custom title. However, editing the title for the block after enabling the theme it will be changed for all themes currently enabled.

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i am also experiencing the same problem, help me please.