Omega mobile style sheet

Omega mobile style sheet

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Omega mobile style sheet


I need to give styles to the mobile layout for omega theme in drupal 7.

I have found the options under appearance -> layout configuration -> Grid settings for Normal, Narrow,Wide and Fluid. Hence i got the stylesheets for my theme under sites->all->themes->mytheme-> as default.css,narrow.css,wide.css,normal.css. But how can I write for 320px media queries?

How can i create a style sheet for mobile layout? Can any one help me Please.

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Nathaniel Hoag
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Hi manjur,

Have you looked at the README.txt file included in your sub-theme's 'css' directory? This file explains how the css files are interpreted by the theme, where mobile styling should live, and much more.

You can also reference the Omega handbook (


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Hi, Yeah! I have looked in to it. I found the style sheets with names for different layouts wide,fluid,narrow and normal. If we need to create a new style sheet how can we add it for media queries@320px. How this makes sense.