background pic in aquia marina

background pic in aquia marina

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background pic in aquia marina

I would like to add a background, but after many failed attempts, decided to ask in what css sheet would I make this change as well as where on the sheet?


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Hello Jimmy,

I'd be happy to lend a hand.

When altering a stylesheet in any flavor of Drupal it helps a great deal to work with the firefox browser and the firebug addon. Fire bug will help you locate the areas you would like to edit quickly.

When altering the css files it is also of importance to not have css aggregation turned on in your installation. When aggregation is turned on core copies an aggregated css file to your files folder.

If css aggregation is indeed turned off and not the source of the problem.

I believe the relevant area that you will want to plug into is #bodybackground

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The issue I ran into is that as soon as I made a very modest change to the CSS of the supplied theme, then I started getting warnings that the theme was unsupported by Acquia.

They are so many false alarms, as I know what is different about the theme--the size of the font of the site name in the header.

Finally I just reverted the theme to normal, put a 6.0 theme from the theme garden in place and set it to be the default.

I'd suggest you create a mechanism so that when the verifier software finds a changed file in a theme, the sitemaster can over-ride the 'not supported' messages.

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Hi Larry,

Thanks for the feedback. We do have improvements in that area in the queue.

As far as modifying the theme it should be possible to make the changes you would like by creating a sub-theme that overrides those elements you wish to override and leaves the original theme intact. has some more information about this approach.

Acquia Technical Assistance Center

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thanks this information was very much helpful.