Acquia Marina Adjustment Issues

Acquia Marina Adjustment Issues

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Acquia Marina Adjustment Issues

I'm running into a lot of problems adjusting Acquia Marina, so I thought I would reach out for help before I hit my wit's end! What I'm trying to accomplish is changing the colors in Acquia Marina and applying a background image to the header graphic.

ATTEMPT 1: Create New Acquia Marina Theme (Acquia New)

My first attempt was to simply find and replace all of the hex color numbers.

e1e1e1 --> 99cc99
27638c --> 003300
94ce18 --> 196828

Seemed innocent enough. My next step was opening each individual graphic up in Photoshop to match my color scheme.

My third and final action was to apply background image with the code outlined in another forum topic.

Somehow, I ended up with this mess:

The arrangement of all the blocks were completely lost and my header menu bar has disappeared.

ATTEMPT 2: Use Sub-Theming Method (Acquia Edited)

This attempt *almost* worked.

However, we still have a blue color that I don't want showing up when I hover the title of the article, the links on the tabs are also still an unwanted blue, the header background is gone, and the icon in the navigation block is missing.

But wait... there's more!

When I'm in my Administration menu, the navigation block icon and the header image are peculiarly present. We still have the blue color in the menu text (which is utterly bizarre because that color has been completely ghosted in the CSS) but at least SOME things have been accomplished.

Another thing worth noting is the missing icons and header only applies for Firefox. In IE, I can see them fine. (But, unfortunately, as soon as I hide the logo and site name, the header collapses and the background image disappears.)


- Why are their differences in appearance when in the Administration menu verses the normal website?
- Why is the menu text blue when that color exists nowhere in the stylesheet and caching has been turned off?
- Why do I lose all the block positioning in the Acquia New theme when only color was adjusted in the CSS?
- How can I keep the header from collapsing when I remove the logo and the site name?

Thank you for your help. I tried to look wherever I could online for help, but I was coming up with nothing but a headache!

Here's the site:

I attached the stylesheets in zips. I understand if you can't download them, I just don't have many more options on this computer.


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Hi Lindsay,

Due to the large number of things you are attempting to edit, it is hard for me to pinpoint the issues you are having.

Here are some tips in customizing your theme though:
1. Start with reading of this guide to creating a sub-theme: If you do this correctly, it should make editing the theme colors, backgrounds, etc fairly easy.

2. If you don't already use Firebug (, check into it. It is a Firefox add-on for developers that allows you select elements on a page and modify the CSS (among other things) for them. This will make it easy to find the classes you need to change and to test on the fly. Once you find the classes you need, you can make your modifications to the style.css file you have in the sub-theme you create.

Just as a quick answer to how to add a header background image, this is how:
Open the style.css file that you have in your sub-theme. Find the id #header-wrapper and add the CSS for your background image as needed.

For example:

#header-wrapper {
  background-color: #fff;
  background-image: url("icons/tnt_icon_08.png");
  background-repeat: repeat;

You're not done though because there is still a white background on #header, which is above #header-wrapper. So now find the id #header (right below #header-wrapper) and set the background-color: transparent;

This should get you the results you want. The most important step in all of this is correctly setting up your sub-themes. Before modifying anything, make sure your sub-theme is working correctly. There should be no lost styles after implementing it (like the lost block navigation you described). Remember to go to themes and re-save the configuration to your new sub-theme.

Hope that helps,
Collin Waid
Acquia Client Advisory Team

Collin Waid
Acquia Advisory Team

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Thank you for your response! Once I get back to that project here at work, I'll return to this thread and try to apply your suggestions. Thanks again!'s picture
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hey, i am new developer and using drupal, and i am facing the same problems.'s picture
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Hey i am also facing the same issues & problems adjusting Acquia Marina.'s picture
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Thanks with your procedure my issue is solved finally.