Searching on an 'All' field value

Searching on an 'All' field value

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Searching on an 'All' field value

I've got a "mostly" out-of-the-box Apache Solr implementation on my Drupal site and I'd like to make a change that I'm not sure how to approach.

My site has a taxonomy of cities that contains:

There are articles in my site that are listed across all cities and, until now, I've just been able to multi-select "Seattle", "Boston", and "Miami" in order for search to pull up these cross-listed articles no matter which city is searched on.

The challenge has been the addition of new cities and having those old articles also associated with "All cities". In my current implementation, the addition of a new city - such as "Detroit" - results in these cross-listed articles now not associated with Detroit, only Seattle, Boston and Miami.

I'd like to create an "All Cities" term in my taxonomy, but I'm not sure how to interact with the Search API to return articles with the taxonomy term value set to "All Cities" when a user queries "Boston", for example.

Can anyone recommend a direction to take here?