Composer Manager File Configuration Settings

Composer Manager File Configuration Settings

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Composer Manager File Configuration Settings

I realized today that the AmazonS3 had a 2.0 release last year. Discovered that it now has a requirement on the composer manager module, so I started looking into that a bit. This page provides some recommended settings which I do not think jive well with the Acquia Dev Cloud environment because of file system permissions. Looking for a little guidance here...

1. Is there a best practice for configuring the composer manager module's file and vendor directories on Acquia Cloud? I sense that maybe the only way to get that to work is to place those directories within the sites/*/files (or private files) path, but that seems a bit awkward.

2. Is there a solid workflow example for working with composer manager from local through to production environments on Acquia? Should composer install/update be allowed to execute on dev? Should it not be allowed to execute on production? Not finding any definitive best practices out there. I get that the vendor directory should be git ignored, but then what is the best path for enabling a module with composer-managed dependencies on production?

3. In lieu of the 2.0 release for AmazonS3 module, is the 1.1 release an option - will that branch continue to be supported?

Thanks in advance; I've just started up the Composer learning curve and am looking for a bit of an assist. Even a nudge in the right direction is appreciated.