Syncronizing cloud site issue unable to find git tag

Syncronizing cloud site issue unable to find git tag

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Syncronizing cloud site issue unable to find git tag

1. Cloned each of cloud dev, stage and prod on local machine through acquia dev desktop 2. At outset on cloud, dev*, stage and production identical.

2.Updated core with latest security releases on desktop dev environment and tested. All looked good, promoted code, files, db to dev cloud. *This was set to "master".

3. Tested, all still looks good, promoted code to staging, all looks good, master was renamed to tags/2015-09-02 as expected. Promoted updated code to prod, all is still testing well.

4. Try to pull (code, files, database) from cloud to staging to desktop staging, and first receive message "The test environment for your site on Acquia cloud is set to deploy the 'tags/2015-09-02' branch and your local Git clone has the 'tags/2015-08-31.0' branch checked out. Do you want to overwrite your local checkout of 'tags/2015-08-31.0' with the 'tags/2015-09-02' branch? I say "yes".

5. It starts to sync and I get this error
Synchronize Acquia Cloud -> Local
Fetching data from git...
Checking out...
Git tag 2015-09-02 not found

It does the same thing when I try to pull from production. It will sync when dev is set to master only. How can I fix this?

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Not sure if you're still having this issue, but I just ran across it myself. It seems to be resolved by updating Dev Desktop 2 to the latest version available as of this post.'s picture
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1.) Me too facing the same issue. I tried cloning the site cloud repository locally using dev desktop 2 but gettting " Git error : Out of memory (1:-1).
Need help please :)

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It always worries me that questions like this go unanswered by the Acquia team.

Having the same issue with the latest version of DevDesktop.

Have made a number of module updates and whilst I have added and committed locally, as soon as I try to 'Push to Cloud Dev' is get the error,.

Synchronize Local -> Acquia Cloud
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