incorrect local ssl cert

incorrect local ssl cert

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incorrect local ssl cert


I just downloaded acquia dev desktop and it works very easily, except for one thing: SSL.

First of all, when I visit https://test.dd:8443/ there is an ssl error where Chrome says the site is not secure. The second thing is when I try to run my migrations that use curl to access a secure endpoint, curl complains that it cannot open the cert file which is supposed to be located at "/Applications/DevDesktop/common/cert/cacert.pem" however, when I go to that directory, it's not called "cacert.pem", but there are 2 files in there, "devdesktop.crt" and "devdesktop.key"...

I cannot find information anywhere on how to get it to work, and I've tried searching for awhile now.

Thanks in advance for any ideas :)


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I am having the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!'s picture
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Hey Matt,

I actually finally found a solution to the curl problem that worked for my configuration. Basically, I just downloaded the cacert.pem file and saved it in the /Applications/DevDesktop/common/cert/ directory (or for me, because I'm on Windows: \Program Files (x86)\DevDesktop\common\cert).

I got the cacert.pem file from:

And I got the solution from StackOverflow:

After restarting dev desktop, it worked like a charm.