Help moving Remote drupal installation to Local. Please!

Help moving Remote drupal installation to Local. Please!

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Help moving Remote drupal installation to Local. Please!

Hi there!

I have unsuccessfully been trying to move a remote site into a local dev desktop instance for about a week now. I have grown tired and frustrating with troubleshooting to no avail. Can someone please help tell me what I am doing wrong?

on remote site; use Backup and Migrate to export the remote site DB. download entire remote drupal installation.

IN ACQUIA: Import drupal site > use copy of remote drupal installation as code base. import database > import mysql backup and migrate dump. Give it same (or different—doesn't matter, I've read) name as remote DB.

I've done this, and when I navigate to the new installation, it just looks like a fresh drupal install and none of the DB tables or content from the remote install seem to be loading. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a bunch!

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We posted a new build today with fixes - pls download it from
If it doesn't help, please click Help > Report an issue from Dev Desktop so we get detailed logs to help you. Without logs we are blind.'s picture
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