Drush error - needs a higher bootstrap level

Drush error - needs a higher bootstrap level

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Drush error - needs a higher bootstrap level


I've been reading around similar threads… this is after having installed a brand new site. I want to verify I can get all the Drush commands working for future use, even though I do actually already have the latest version of core (8.1.9) having finally downloaded the latest version of Dev Desktop (the March 2016 one is still linked from one URL)

Dev Desktop 2 (5 Sep 2016 build)

$ drush --uri=http://drupaldev.dd:8083  pm-update

fails with the usual "Command pm-update needs a higher bootstrap level to run"
… "Drush was not able to start (bootstrap) the Drupal database." etc. etc.

$ drush --uri=drupaldev.dd sql-connect
mysql --user=drupaluser --password= --database=drupaldev --host= --port=33067

The credentials it gives are valid and I can connect to and alter the DB.

$ which drush

(just to verify I haven't got two copies installed)

$ /Applications/DevDesktop/drush/drush --version
Drush Version   :  8.0.5

What else should I try?

This is on a Mac, 10.11.6, running PHP 7.0.4 (Acquia appears to have ovewritten 7.0.12 which I previously had via homebrew)

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I personally never use the --uri option, instead I cd into the docroot folder of my site and run drush from there. Note that if you have a site from Acquia's servers, there will be a folder called docroot that you need to be in to see the site files. Either way, if you can see index.php, drush should be able to run properly then.

The PHP 7.0.4 is specific to DevDesktop, so its only running within that environment. If you close DD, you should see your 7.0.12 version. I haven't ever tried that, though, so ymmv.

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