Can no longer create new Drupal sites on MacOS

Can no longer create new Drupal sites on MacOS

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Can no longer create new Drupal sites on MacOS

I've been using Dev Desktop to develop sites for a few months now, with no problems. However, suddenly, I can no longer create new sites. I hit the '+" button & get a list of distros. When I click one of them, nothing happens. I've switched on verbose logging, but don't see any obvious messages. All I see (if I try to install the Drupal 7.54 distro) is:

22:37:20: Drupal distro selected URL:file:///[distro],
22:37:21: Debug: REST API CALL:[POST]
Content-Type: application/json
BinData: buf:0x787e0fe0 len:412d curl:0x787e0fe0.
"success": true

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but still no change.

I am running macOs Sierra v 10.12.4. I have run a virus scan (just in case!) and found nothing.

Can someone please help, as I can no longer use DD and I need it!



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I am actually experiencing the same issue with Acquia Dev Desktop. When I try to install a new site and click on any distro nothing happens.

I have been using it successfully for several years but suddenly cannot create new sites. I am running MacOs Sierra v.1012.4 as well.

I have also tried to install previous versions of Acquia Dev Desktop as well with no luck.

As of now I am stuck.

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Just to let people know, the Apr 13 2017 update to Dev Desktop seems to have fixed this.

It 's a shame that nobody from Acquia seems to monitor this forum. It would have been nice if someone could have acknowledged the problem and that it was being addressed. If I had had the time, I would have gone back to using my MAMP stack and abandoned ADD. Pleased that I didn't, but lack of support for the free product doesn't fill me with confidence.

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