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Acquia Connector

Full disclosure: I am totally new to Drupal, Acquia, MySQL, Apache, etc.and have absolutely no experience with code, even HTML

So I have gotten as far as naming my site and having a "Site Maintenance Account." I go to my site and click "connect." It says I need a Drupal Connector module. I select the Drupal 7 module, I extract the files.I click on the folder "acquia_connector." I see three new folders:

All three folders contain an ".INSTALL" file. No matter which of these I click on, I get a window asking how I want to open the file, with an invitation to look in the app store. At this point, I'm clueless.

I'm using Windows 7.

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Make sure it has installed properly! If your are unable to check so please contact support that will be right for you....'s picture
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This post has a duplicate thread which has the provided answer. Please visit the linked page.