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503 Service Unavailable

I am testing out the Acquia Dev Desktop and want to see if I can setup a Drupal Distribution using the desktop. I installed the desktop into "c:\Drupal ", and with websites located in "c:\Drupal\TestSites" and it works fine. I then unzipped a distribution (https://www.drupal.org/project/travel_profile) into "C:\Drupal\TestSites\TravelTest".

Next, I start Acquia Dev Desktop 2, and select "Start with an existing Drupal site located on my computer", and use "C:\Drupal\TestSites\TravelTest". I select PHP 5.5.38 and create a new Database.

The local site URL is created as: "http://TravelTest.dd:8083", the local code is "C:\Drupal\TestSites\TravelTest" and the database is "TravelTest".

When I click on the database link - "TravelTest", I successfully get to phpMyAdmin, but with no database tables, etc.

When I click on the "Local site" link, I get the following message:

503 Service Unavailable - Failed to resolve teh name of server traveltest.dd.

I have verified my hosts file has this entry: " TravelTest.dd".

What am I missing?