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•This website requires you to log in.

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•This website requires you to log in.

How do I log in to my newly made website?

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Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Firstly, would you know what the credentials are for user 1? If so, can you navigate to yourdomain.com/user to bring up the login screen?

If you've not done anything as of yet, there could be a user login block but going to the /user path is a guaranteed entry point to your site.

If none of this is the case, and you've attempted to login, would using drush be an option for you? You can run "drush uli --uri=yourdomain.com" inside your docroot and it would provide the forgot password link you can use to bypass the login entirely. Of course, for that, you'd need to have shell access to the site.

Am I understanding your question correctly?

See http://drupal.org/project/drush for more details.

---Kenny Silanskas | Team Manager, Tier 1 | @webkenny

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