Your site was unable to contact the Apache Solr server

Your site was unable to contact the Apache Solr server

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Your site was unable to contact the Apache Solr server

This is beyond annoying and not getting anywhere. I just installed Drupal 7 from Azure, and this is happening, and I have no clue what to do. I really don't want to wait for days for a solution for this either. Please help.

Its as the title says. It won't contact the server. There is nothing on Google that gives any url that is the latest to change it. Kind of ridiculous to not have url resources available for people to find to fix this kind of thing. To run around all over the internet for hours is not smart.

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Aaron "Checo" Pacheco
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In reviewing your screenshot, it appears your site is attempting to connect to LocalHost instead of Acquia Search. One of the Search Configuration pages should provide you with a list of servers to connect to, one of which is Acquia Search. If you set Acquia Search as the default, then your site should connect.

I hope this helps!


Aaron Pacheco
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I have also observed the similar things @Aaron..Now he need to set Acquia search as default then it will connect!'s picture
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I have similar issues where I have installed Acquia Connector and Apache Solr Search Integration and have enabled them. Following documentation from page.
I am running Acquia Dev desktop locally and have created a fresh instance of website to test and understand Acquia search. However, I am still getting an error: "Your site was unable to contact the Apache Solr server."

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