Acquia Search will not provision for me

Acquia Search will not provision for me

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Acquia Search will not provision for me

I just signed up for an Acquia Free plan and based on what I read here:

and following instructions here:

I should have Acquia Search, but after 6 hours of waiting, nothing has provisioned, perhaps Acquia search is no longer offered to free tier, and they just haven't updated the site? If not, how do I get this working?

I get this error in my status report:

Apache Solr Your site was unable to contact the Apache Solr server.
Default environment url:

Going to that url directly in a browser, for the default environment produces a 404

(PS the --yaddayadda-- was to omit the subscription instance id)

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Was this ever resolved for you? I'm currently experiencing the same problem.'s picture
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It is great to hear that it has been resolved..thanks