Problem running post-install step

Problem running post-install step

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Problem running post-install step

Hi I've just downloaded Drupal Desktop. I got an error message telling me that an error was encountered and that I should post a message with the following files:

C:Program Files\acquia-drupal/installer.log
C:Program Files\acquia-drupal/piscript.log

Strict Standards: Nonstatic method DOMDocument::loadHTML() should not be called statically in C:Program Files\acqui-drupal\common\setup\setup.php on line 2381


then DrupalUserAgent::curlExecute() curl error: couldn't connect to host (7) setupscript_fail

Can anyone help sort this out, please? I tried to attach the files but it doesn't allow .log file types?

Thanks Jo

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Same problem and files, but with message:

Setup::WaitApacheStart() Apache start timeout
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It is not corrected download, Mean to say some files are missing in setup nothing else...pls download again with fast internet speed and installed again...