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Multi user login

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Multi user login


We just set up our first Acquia Drupal site. Its for a client, I was assuming / hoping there would be some kind of reseller / multi user login system. Where by i could give out user login details to the client, so they can monitor the site, heartbeats etc, but without giving them access to all the sites we (hope in the future) have set up with Acquia.

Additionally, a system were more than one admin user (e.g. other techincal staff) could share access to the same account/selection of sites.

Many thanks


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Hi Alex,

You can add your client as a contact to a specified subscription, either as a technical or billing contact, and they will only have access to the subscription they were invited to.

While logged into the Acquia Network at, navigate to the subscription of your choice in the left side selector block, then click the Settings tab, and then the Contacts tab below that.

Brenda Boggs
Acquia Technical Assistance Center

Brenda Boggs
Acquia Client Advisory Team