More info on "copy content from prod"?

More info on "copy content from prod"?

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More info on "copy content from prod"?

In the managed cloud workflow screen, there's an option in the gear icon's popup to "copy content from prod" on the dev server but I'm unable to find any documentation for that anywhere. Can anyone tell m specifically what that does?What will it bring over, what will it leave behind, what will it overwrite, etc. Similarly, there's an "update content and code" option on staging that I'd also like some specifics on before I go monkeying with anything.

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when you press "Copy content from prod", first a confirmation dialogue appears that offers to

  • Copy all databases from Prod to Dev
  • Copy all user-uploaded files from Prod to Dev

Only after you select and confirm this, anything is copied.

Please be warned that copying the production database will overwrite all changes you have done to your development database. So, it will be a good habit to make a backup of your development database before you copy the production database over. There is an entry for doing this in the gear menu of every environment.

"Update content and code" helps to get your Stage environment updated to the latest code, database, and files. Again, clicking it first asks if you want to

  • Deploy code from Dev to Stage
  • Copy all databases from Prod to Stage
  • Copy all user-uploaded files from Prod to Stage

You can choose any options and confirm them for the actual process to start.

Again, please backup your files and databases if you have unsaved changes.

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I think it is somewhat dangerously misleading that it's called "Copy content from Prod" but in fact it copies the ENTIRE prod DB, not just "content". That's not just copying content (e.g. nodes or entities) but the entire database. Why not called i what it is: "Copy databases/files from Prod" or "Copy data/files from Prod" ?'s picture
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I have to agree with casper. I know I probably should restrict my team members' access to prevent them from even seeing this option but, It could be seriously disastrous if you're doing a lot of config in dev.'s picture
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