Development Sites and Acquia Network Keys

Development Sites and Acquia Network Keys

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Development Sites and Acquia Network Keys

I signed up for a Acquia Network Subscription. I have not used Acquia Drupal before, but I have used (regular?) Drupal. Now I'm about to start developing a site. My plan is something like this:

1) Create several test/play sites on my local computer, to test out different modules and configurations.

2) Create a staging area for the site on my local computer.

3) Move my staged site to the public web server, still in sort of a "staging" mode. It's accessible only by an IP or special hostname, such as

4) Then, flip the DNS switch and watch the site go live.

So, my question is: at what point should I plug in my Acquia Network Key into my installation of Acquia Drupal?

It seems to me that if I add it to all of my test/play sites, it would send too much bad data to the network. If I wait too long, I won't have the benefit of getting accustomed to how the network works, before launching the site. My thinking is that the best time to add the Network Key is when I'm developing the staging site on my local computer (step 2 above).

What do you think? How are you doing this type of thing?

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I've got a number of sites in development, trying to bring them all along in the basics at the same time to the same spec.

I plugged in the network key just to get the status report to stop showing red.

The plan for me would be to copy the SQL out of the DB, the code out of the folder up to production and than change a few config files. And I would have to get a new key because I would be in a new domain.

My URL's are, which I provide DNS for locally through apache, so any data from that site and others like it can be ignored.

Interestingly non of my subscriptions show as active, despite the fact I am set up and on the Acquia Net.