Settings.php is not writable

Settings.php is not writable

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Settings.php is not writable

While setting up a brand new (free) site on the Acquia Cloud I got an error about settings.php not being writable. If it's possible for me to fix that myself, I'm not aware of how (new to the Acquia cloud - was a customer many years ago in the D6 era, so the Cloud offering is new to me).

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Hi Michael,

If you are installing D8, pick the Standard install profile, not Minimal. There is an issue with Minimal that we hope to resolve very shortly. Otherwise, you can put the environment in Live Dev mode before installing (which will make settings.php writable) or manually set Minimal as the install profile in settings.php and commit that change to git.


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I have the same issue and have attempted to install both minimal and standard profile. It will not work.

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The The Settings file is not writable. got fixed for me after enabling the live deployment.

I was getting another issue
Configuration directory: sync
The directory /mnt/gfs/.../livedev/docroot/sites/default/files/config_5687b51cdd65bf418d7ab73a932592e2faaeaa2d/sync does not exist.

I made it fixed by manually creating the sync folder after doing ssh to the server
Steps to fix this :

  1. cd  /mnt/gfs/.../livedev/docroot/sites/default/files/config_5687b51cdd65bf418d7ab73a932592e2faaeaa2d
  2. mkdir sync
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This post has a duplicate thread which has the provided answer. Please visit the linked page.