multi-site domain mapping

multi-site domain mapping

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multi-site domain mapping

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction:

Using acquia dev desktop, I created a d7 site, added a multi site to it (using domain name as site name), uploaded it to acquia, and added the domains in the domains tab, and added A record to the domains.. The default URL is working for the default site, but I can't figure out how to get the 2nd URL mapped, for the multi-site.

Any suggestions?

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We are working on a drupal website development for which we got a requirement to setup 200+ multisites for the website.

The website is having a product content management, for which there are 200+ dealers. Each dealer sells the product with different dealerships, addresses & other statuatory information.

Please help us in checking the feasibility of the below requirements:

Setup multisites with different domains/sub-domains for all 200+ dealers.
Query: Could you please confirm whether we can maintain 200+ multisites in drupal or acquia supports such feature?

Each dealer would have around 10 content pages with same layout but with different content.
Query: Could you please help us in providing a way forward on managing such content pages?

There would be similar content pages (like about us/privacy policy) for all the dealers.
Query: Can we maintain same pages for all the 200+ dealer sites from Drupal?