archive-dump fails on Acquia Cloud

archive-dump fails on Acquia Cloud

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archive-dump fails on Acquia Cloud

I'm trying to export whole site with this instruction.

mysite@mysite:/var/www/html/$ drush archive-dump --no-core
Database dump saved to /mnt/tmp/mysitevrzo5thhek/drush_tmp_1486105830_58942ce690643/mysitevrzo5thhek.sql                         [success]
file_put_contents(/mnt/tmp/mysitevrzo5thhek/drush_tmp_1486105830_58942ce690643/MANIFEST.ini): failed to open stream: Disk quota        [warning]
Failed to gzip /home/mysite/drush-backups/archive-dump/20170203071029/mysitevrzo5thhek.20170203_071030.tar

How can I fix this?

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Maybe archive-dump doesn't work on Acquia Cloud Free.
Works fine on Acquia Cloud other tier.

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This post has a duplicate thread which has the provided answer. Please visit the linked page.