Acquia Cloud D8 config export

Acquia Cloud D8 config export

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Acquia Cloud D8 config export


We have many Acquia Cloud subscriptions running D7, and are now evaluating D8 on a free subscription.

When exporting config, we want config YAML files to go into the config folder (outside docroot). According to the readme file in that directory:

This directory allows for Drupal 8 (and higher) Configuration Management workflows. It is referred to as the 'vcs' directory.

But when I try to use drush to export config to VCS, it returns a file permission error:

d8config@d8config:~$ drush config-export vcs
The file permissions could not be set on /mnt/www/html/d8configsuku5f4exj/docroot/../config/default.                                   [error]
exception 'Drupal\Core\Config\StorageException' with message 'Failed to create config directory                                        [error]
/mnt/www/html/d8configsuku5f4exj/docroot/../config/default' in

We need this in order to use git for config management. Please advise?


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Jason, I'm having somewhat similar issues. I posted on your other post here. Sorry to keep hijacking your posts. Just trying to get some awareness!

These don't work (see linked post). I'm getting "Permission denied (publickey)" and "rsync" errors even though I can "ssh" and run other drush" commands against these environments just fine.

drush config-pull --label=vcs

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I don't work for Acquia, but the problem here is that Acquia does not allow write access to the ../config/default folder (or any other folder in your site's code except for sites/default/files).

To get around this, I think you'd need to maintain a separate config directory in sites/default/config that you use just for exporting from your live site.'s picture
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Why would they not allow write access to a folder that they explicitly have documentation for: